on-line game

collaborative map

To get access to the game, each player has to solve an initial game level, which can also be performed on a special physical "Mental imMigration" interface:

On solving the initial level the player receives a password which allows access to a online game emulator:

Players can also get access direct via internet, where they can perform the initial level in a www-browser.After solving this level they get access to download the game emulator.

Collective strategies:
Each player can enter via the emulator different avatar scenarios= cells in the game environment.
If the task in a cell is solved by one player, this cell becomes active: all other players can pass this cell too and can access the neighbourhood-cells of the activated cell. All activated cells become visually represented on a special cell map which displays the working efforts of all active players.

Active cell become passiv again after certain time periods and have to be activated again by a player.