"Where I can see my house from here so we are"


Ken Feingold

>... an experiment in discovering the metaphors of long-distance impersonation in a new kind of public space

"I have become increasingly interested in the status of the Internet as a "liminal" space - one in which there is a suspension of "reality", and a delimited territory for ritualized and symbolic behaviors, as well as a suspension of identity in as much as it eludes focus on gender, age, or personal appearance.
Three small robot-puppets, each with a video camera-eye and microphone ears, are together in a mirrored room which has been built in an exhibition space. The walls of the space are high enough so that they cannot see over it, but low enough so that viewers in the exhibition space may watch them, and speak with them / though they are unseen by the robots). Each robot-puppet is connected, via the Internet, to another space, in which their sight and hearing is seen by another viewer-ventriloquist as projected video and amplified sound. In each remote space, there is a control device, consisting visibly of a joystick and microphone. The viewer-ventriloquist there may drive around the robot-puppet to which they are connected in the mirrored space, and when the remote viewer-ventriloquist speaks, their voice is "projected" through the robot-puppet, amplified within it, and moving the robot-dollīs mouth. In this way, three viewer-ventriloquists may meet in the fourth (mirrored) room and exchange with each other as they please. The space has physical limits for each robot-puppet, like national borders, which they cannot cross"