the schizoid body

Stahl Stenslie

> comments on the virtual body

Virtual bodies are bodies as we don't know them. My Virtual body is a mutating kind of object, it is a crash body, a trash body, a sacrificial body that travels at Kroker's sub-suicidal speed, evaporates and then recreates, readopts itself to whatever the unit me + medium mutates into. Recombining myself, matching my virtual identity to my virtual body, I become something outside of my total control. For what is "ME" anyway? except an infinite number of social relations and mental connections? The schizoid body is the future body of Cyberspace. Schizoid because it is moody, a liquid expression of multiple ME's, ever-changing, at least compared to a Cartesian model of reality. In the schizoid reality of cyberspace we can all crossdress, be aliens, furry animals, strawberry cakes and other stuff, and most mudders will know how fun that can be. Who hasn't pretended to be the opposite gender in an on-line communication? In cyberspace your virtual representa tion turns communication not only into a play with words, but also into a play with identity, corporeality and sexuality. Inside these fantastical worlds the body potentially becomes a fantastical, malleable, instable, fluctuating, inconsequent kind of object. It is a multiple by nature, infinitely reproducible, duplicable. Sure, your virtual representation is an object in a virtual space, just like any virtual car, cake, UFO or stone, but the important thing about your relation to your virtual representation is how you relate to it, how you design yourselves to look and behave like. The body of the future, I think, will adopt to the strong schizophrenic-like fabric of cyberspace, and to the personal view of me as a multiple self.