At West Bank Ind. we have dedicated our resources and ideals to the upholding of a true "virtual economy". With the recent offering of "ecash" by DigiCash BV., secure transactions are now proven possible over the Internet. There is presently the chance to kick start this economy through the creation of demand and valuee for the ecash currency.

Why leave your ecash to sit and stagnate in your digicash account when the only way to keep this pre-mature economy moving is through the buying and selling of goods and services. Over the coming weeks and months, West Bank will be unveiling various products and investments promoting the concept of ecash transactions within the Internet. Our main goal is to initiate and continue to offer ecash holders the best opportunities for a profitable return.

The Internet has the right to be defined as its own "international country" and the Internet community by and large should be th ones creating it. West Bank is beginning the first steps of a virtual economy and we are sure other will join in and realize its long term potentials. Please keep in touch with West Bank Industries' homepage for further details.