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RJ: please describe your work: what are you working on, since when, which technology are you using (hardware, software).

DP: I am involved in business development, and software development and selling of services. I am also a functional tester . I primarily use Microsoft office products.

RJ:your education: how did you come to work with computers
DP:I am a management graduate, but have been taking computer science as an elective in my school (from class eight) as well as in college. I have done several basic courses in Computer science, and have used it extensivelly to utilise the potential of the net during my MBA

RJ:your daily life, your past (?): where are you born, how did you come to madras?
DP:I was born in madrsa, but brought up in Kerala, in a town called
Eranakulam. My grandfater was a farmer, my farther and mother are both entrepreuners, running a family business.
After my MBA, which i completed in XIM,Bhubaneswar, one of India's top most colleges, I was offered a job in Madras , by Polaris.

RJ:how do you like working with computers, do you have specials feelings about it, special thoughts?
DP:I think the computers open up a whole new world, that we would otherwise be unexposed to.

RJ: are you working or using the internet? how? what for? how often?
DP: Yes. 10 hours a day on all week days. And I use the internet for looking for information on companies as well as keeping abreast of what is happening in the technology space worldwide , and also to keep in touch with family and friends.

RJ: do you think that working with computers has any influence on the daily life? in case, which (maybe in comparison to other ways of working?)

DP: yes. Life is faster simpler.

RJ: how much are you interested, influenced or involved with the indian philosophy (religion)?

DP:very highly!