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RJ: how do you see is the potential of the net?

DP: The potential of the net is immense, basically makig the world a much smaller place to live in. And eliminating differences that existed before.

RJ:can you imagine to not have access to the net - and if, what would happen?
DP: No I cant. It would be like removing streets from the cities. there would be a lot of confusion, and life wouldnt be as organised.

RJ: do you think the net is having influences on the society, in this case,the Indian society? and if, what kind of?

DP: Yes. Indian society has a broader outlook because of the net. And previously communication as well as accesibility to the outside world was a huge problem. that is almost eliminated, today.

RJ: can you please describe your opinion on the role of women in india today?
DP:Indias women are the people responsible for moving the society forword. In india, women are, in most cases almost solely responsible for bringing up the children. Therefore the future rests almost fully on the views and ideas ofthe women.

RJ: do your family understand what you are working on? can you describe it to them, how?
DP: Yes. My family udnerstands the big picture of what I am working on, not

RJ: please, can you describe what you mean by "the computer opens a whole new world"?
DP:That avenues of the world we didnt even know existed , are just a mouse click away now.

RJ: which functions let the computer make your life faster (as you

DP: internet, communication. reading the news, and microsoft office products.

RJ: are you going to the temple? How do you combine the indian traditional life with the life within the net?
DP:I think the two are partially independent. I visit the temple a lot. But my conservative life is probably neither hindarance nor an accelerator to my computer life.

RJ: Do you have a favourite among the indian gods and goddesses, and if, why him/her?
DP: Ganesha. He symolises the start, has a lot of power, and is avery approachable god. Also Shiva, because he is probably very very powerful.

RJ:. Can you tell me how important it is for you to work and specially your work.
DP:It isvery important for me to work, for a personal gratification. It makes me feel useful. My work , makes me believe that I am contributing to Indian society as well!

RJ: Can you define what means work for you, human beings, indians, indian women, generally? (These have been 5 questions in one!!)
DP: work is anything that occupies your time meaningfully and i think ditto for all categories.