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Rajele: please describe your work: what are you working on, since when, which technology are you using (hardware, software).

Poormina:I am working since 1996 as a software professional. I am working on various platforms which includes Oracle, Visual basic, COM, MTS, Active X, SQL Server, VC++ and internet technologies like HTML, ASP, XML. I am using Pentium machine with around 10GB HD & 128MB RAM.

RJ:your education: how did you come to work with computers
P:I have done my Masters in Computer Applications (MCA). My graduation is in Mathematics.

RJ:your daily life, your past (?): where are you born, how did you come to madras?
P:I was born in a village near Vellore. This place is around 4 hours from Madras. I was brought up and did my schooling in Delhi and Trichy. I started working when i was in Trichy & then in madras. After that i was working in Singapore for more than a year & then i came back to madras.

RJ:how do you like working with computers, do you have specials feelings about it, special thoughts?
P:I like to work with computers as long as it gives sufficient work to my brain and there is something innovative for me to do. Sometimes it happens that we have to work under pressure, which results in stress. I like to learn new things and implement them. Another disadvantage i feel about working in this industry is there are lot of new things that keeps coming and people don't know how to update themselves.

RJ: are you working or using the internet? how? what for? how often?
P:Yes, i use internet. I use it for downloading certain tools, some whitepapers & some general browsing too. I also use it for checking mails.I use it almost everyday. Also, i use it at home for finding various information.

RJ: do you think that working with computers has any influence on the daily life? in case, which (maybe in comparison to other ways of working?)

P:Yes, it has some influence. For example, it makes us more aware of the existing facilities over the internet. I can browse the net to find the right information. I use it in my daily life for example, railway reservation, travelling, hotel booking etc.

RJ: how much are you interested, influenced or involved with the indian philosophy (religion)?

P:I belong to the Hindu relegion. I have limited knowledge about Hindu philosophy, but i read a lot to increase my knowledge. I am also interested in Sanskrit literature.